Halloween Disco 2018

Well done to the staff and students at Nenagh College who contributed to the success of this year’s Charity Halloween Disco. Some of our winners include

1st Year Art Competition:

  1. Chloe Delahunty
  2. Maciej Andrzej
  3. Sara Adamczyk

2nd Year Art Competition:

  1. Abby West
  2. Anan Johnson
  3. Aimee Boland

Best Dancers:

  1. Alicia Thompson & Rachel Shoer
  2. Joshua Cottrell
  3. Dylan McCormack

Best Costume

  1. Michelle O’Halloran
  2. Hannah Grace
  3. Oliwia Marcisz
  4. Evan Quigley & Seamus McKenzie

Hat Designs

  1. Eabha O’Brien
  2. Zuzanna Koloda
  3. Kadence McCarthy
  4. Jessica Peng