School Facilities


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State of the Art Facilities

Our modernisation programme included a full refurbishment of the existing school as well as a significant new building extension. The new facilities enable our school to cater for greater student numbers as well as providing for the ever-changing needs of our learners. The building programme included the following:

  • Fully equipped gymnasium and exercise suite
  • Career guidance room and counselling office space
  • Art and craft room
  • Two new multi-media rooms with full I.T. facility
  • General subject classrooms including a meditation area
  • Library fully fitted with I.T. facilities
  • Music room, including performance access to social area
  • Social/canteen area with seating and hot food services
  • Two science laboratories fully refurbished and equipped
  • Additional science demonstration/lecture room with tiered seating
  • Re-designed and fully equipped Home-Economics room
  • Classroom for fashion design and textiles
  • Lecture/assembly room on the first floor
  • Design and communication graphics room
  • Refurbished and fully fitted construction/woodwork rooms
  • New machine room and storage to facilitate the preparation of materials for construction / woodwork / engineering
  • Fully refurbished metalwork/engineering rooms
  • External Games areas: Basketball and tennis courts, grass pitch

  • A lift and universal toilets
  • Specially adapted desks are provided in each room for persons with disability
  • All parts of the building are accessible

Information Technology Smart School:

All classrooms throughout the school have been designed to provide for Information Technology access and are fully fitted to enable all students to use I.T. equipment as part of their everyday study. Our long term plan is to introduce E- Learning for all students which will pave the way towards less dependency on text books in the future. All rooms have both hard wired and Wi-Fi access and this is provided throughout the school.