News & Events

Photography Competition.

Well done to the following 1st Year students for winning prizes in our “A Moment In Nature” photography Competition.
Skyler Ryan Donnellan and Tomas McKenzie Cleary Joint 1st Place
Gabriella Creed 2nd Place
Wiktoria Moc 3rd Place.

Johnson & Johnson visit Nenagh College

Students prepared questions, organised the visit and engaged fully with the experience. Ms O Keeffe is very proud of the interaction displayed by her first years.



Nenagh College students received a demonstration on wood turning during lunch time today as part of technology week in Nenagh College. There are 15 wood turning lathes in between the 2 Wood Technology rooms. Great interest was shown by all students who attended. Students had the opportunity to wood turn a candle holder.

Parent / Teacher Meeting

For 3rd & 6th years:
Parent / Teacher meeting on Thursday next 23rd from 4.15 p.m. to 6.45 p.m.
For all other years:
To facilitate a Parent / Teacher meeting. School will finish at 3.45p.m. on Thursday, this week, 23rd March.

Technology week- 3-D Printing demonstration

Technology week is in full swing in Nenagh college. Today at lunch students were welcomed to a 3-D Printing demonstration. Students were introduced to the processes of designing and prototyping using the additive process of 3-D Printing. They were given a demonstration on how to prepare their files in order to facilitate the manufacture process, instructed as to the best practice in locating their product on the machine bed and shown how to troubleshoot any potential areas for malfunction prior to commencing printing.
Each student who attended this workshop was gifted a Nenagh College keyring which had been designed using a 3-d modelling software in the room and manufactured on the machine.