News & Events

Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal

Ms O Keeffe organised 1A and 1B to come together to listen to a talk from Marie O Brien and Michela Heffernan who spoke about the Shoe Box Appeal. Business Students in Nenagh College take part in this every year. Students both in second level and third level will be encouraged to take part in the appeal and to volunteer in the warehouse in Nenagh.

6LCA Retail Task in Nenagh

Ms O Keeffe’s 6LCA Office and Retail students took part in an investigation of the retail sector in Nenagh. They interviewed managers and owners of shops in town and gained valuable knowledge about retail in modern Ireland. 6LCA students are really enjoying this new module which was introduced last year to the programme as part of the vocational specialisms. Thanks to all those who assisted with this task, a special thanks to Subway, NCBI, Finnertys Pharmacy, DV8, Slatterys Furniture and Clothing, Country Choice, The Pantry and many more.


6LCA Home Economics

6LCA would like to thank Mrs Maharaj for her guidence in making some traditional Indian somosas. It was challenging yet enjoyable to learn a new style of cooking.


5th Year Ag Science

5th Year Ag Science class have had a very busy term engaging with the changes to the Ag Science syllabus. Ms Duffy and the students are delighted with the emphasis place on Health and Safety in the new syllabus allowing students to complete HSA online training in farm and slurry safety and a recent visit to a local farm to complete a risk assessment. We also raised awareness for mental health week by going for the “Full Irish” to spend time talking to each other outside the classroom.