Parents Council

Parent Council Members 2022 / 2023

Declan Kinsella

Siobhán O’Donovan

Aimée McKenzie   

Rita Grace            

Aoibhán Fitzpatrick

Marta Helman

Edyta Wiewiora 

Caroline Whiteford

Kirsten Bayly-Parker

Eamonn Cleary

Breda Dervan

Seamus Coleman

Bernadette Moron



Constitution for Nenagh College Parents’ Council

This body shall be known as The Nenagh College Parents’ Council.
The aims of the Council shall include:

  • The promotion of the educational, general welfare and social interests of the pupils within the schools’ ethos.
  • Helping the pupils and staff of the school in a collaborative and supportive manner.
    Vindicating the right of parents to consultation on school policy and information on government educational policy.
  • Keeping the Parents/Guardians of pupils attending the school informed on issues in the school and current educational trends.
  • Acting in an advisory role representing the views of parents on school policies and activities.( No criticism of any individual shall be aired at a Parents’ Council meeting without that person being present and /or represented)
  • Helping to make school life more complete by organizing various activities.

Membership shall be confined to Parents/Guardians of pupils attending the school.
Annual General Meeting
The AGM of all parents/guardians shall be held in Term 1.
The members of the Parents’ Council (Committee) shall be elected annually at the AGM.
Officers shall be elected at the first meeting following the AGM.
Each officer will be elected for one year.
At the AGM all Committee Members will step down but they can be re-elected as long as they continue to be a parent/guardian of a child in the school.
No member of the committee shall hold the same officer position for more than three consecutive years.
The committee shall elect its own Officers, consisting of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Co – Treasurer(s) and Public Relations Officer.

The committee shall meet regularly. The number of members may vary from time to time in order to give adequate representation. In such cases new members may be co-opted to the committee. At least 4 ordinary meetings shall be held during the school year. Such meetings will be opened with the reading of the Minutes and the business of the Meeting (Agenda)
Co-options to the committee may include the Principal or his Deputy
An Extraordinary Meeting
An Extraordinary meeting of all parents may be called

  • On a majority decision of the committee
  • At the written request of 5% of parent cohort

Ratified at a properly convened meeting of the Parents’ Council on December 7th 2015.