Easter Science Challenge

  • During the Easter holidays I want you to pick 8 examples of science both inside and outside your home and record them. For example you can observe and discuss plants, appliances, lights, weather, electronics, animals, space (stars, sun, moon) etc.
  • When you pick your example I then want you to discuss the science behind it in detail.
  • Record your 8 examples by day in your copy similar to what I have done in the example below.
  • This is a fun activity and we will discuss your findings at the end of the first week back after the Easter break.
  • Use some time to act and think like scientists and most importantly, enjoy your break J
  • Day 1 (Ms. Hannigan’s science pick): is a rose bush growing towards the sun. This shows that plants are attracted to light and use light when photosynthesising. This is called phototropism. Photosynthesis is when plants use water and carbon dioxide in the presence of light and chlorophyll to make food (glucose) and oxygen.

Paula Hannigan