Technology Week – lunchtime demonstration

Technology week continues at Nenagh college with a lunchtime demonstration on using our laser cutter.
Students were shown the process of setting up and running the laser cutter. This was an excellent way to highlight some of the possibilities available to students in the Technology department. The demo showed students the laser cutter cutting out a designed piece but also Rastering (the process of engraving an image onto a desired piece, The image is engraved by the laser machine line by line, point by point, similar to the way in which an inkjet printer applies ink, but instead of ink being applied, material is removed pixel by pixel by the laser.)

Technology Week Continues!

As part of our Technology week students took part in an engineering challenge. Students were asked to construct a free standing structure that was strong enough to support a marshmallow at its tallest point.
Congrats to our winners whose tower was 907mm tall!

Seachtain na Gaeilge

D’fhoghlaim daltaí faoin Ogham, scríbhneoireacht ársa sa Ghaeilge mar cuid de Seachtain na Gaeilge
Students in first and third year learned about Ogham, the ancient writings of the Irish language as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Transition Year trip to Dublin Zoo

Transition Years braved the wet weather today and ventured to Dublin Zoo. They had a talk about conservation and the important works zoos and different animal charities do to support the conservation of wildlife. Very informative and the Transition Years really enjoyed the day!

Technology Week

This week we are running a Technology week at Nenagh College. We are hoping to raise awareness of the work that goes on in the Technology department and hopefully inspire the next generation of Engineers. We will be running workshops every day at lunch time. We would especailly like to welcome students who do not currently take the subjects to give them a feel for what goes on in the Technology department.


Enterprise Week

Jessica Whyte from Johnston and Johnston spoke to Ms O Keeffe’s first year business class on Wednesday 8th March, this was part of enterprise week, which is happening nationally.

Students engaged fully in a question and answer session and learned all about Jessica’s journey via the apprenticeship route to becoming an engineer in J&J. She also explained about the products produced by he company both in Ireland and abroad.

1st year Wood Technology

Some of our 1st year Wood Technology students recently completed a Teacup holder. Students were introduced the cross-halving joint & mortise and tenon joint. Students also got trained up on how to use the mortice machine correctly and a range of hand tools during the project.