5LCA & Living Links

Carmel Tooher from Living Links received a cheque of €370 from 5th year Leaving Certificate Applied students, this was as a result of a charity walk organised by them for all first year students to The Millennium Cross.  Ms O Keeffe (5LCA co-ordinator) and Ms Naughton (English and Communications teacher) facilitated 5LCA students to engage in a range of Enterprise activities, with the Loving Care and Affection theme representing LCA. Both teachers are very proud of all the incredible work they have done for themselves and the community over the year. Well done 5LCA.

What is Living Links?

Living Links, Provides assertive outreach support to the suicide bereaved in Ireland.  Living Links has been established in many counties in Ireland.

The first Living Links group was set up in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary in May 2002, when a small group of local people got together in direct response to a suicide in the community. The event was tragic and cataclysmic for the people and there was a huge sense of inadequacy on the ground as to how to provide appropriate community support and a consequent sense of failure as a community.

Living Links objectives are: 

  1. To provide support and outreach to those bereaved by suicide
  2. To increase awareness and understanding of suicide and its effects on individuals, families and communities
  3. To liaise and exchange information with similar support groups nationally and internationally
  4. To support and encourage relevant research
  5. To produce leaflets and associated literature to be provided to survivors
  6. To liaise and provide families information on health services available in the region, and the referral pathways to such services should such professional counselling be required
  7. To provide and facilitate a group healing programme, on a needs basis, for the suicide bereaved
  8. To encourage the suicide bereaved and/or suicide affected to establish and foster an ongoing support group among themselves.

For more information on the organisation and how to get involved see http://www.livinglinks.ie/